Radio stations- radio, news, podcast

Radio stations- radio, news, podcast

Radio stations- radio, news, podcast

xcode 9 , iOS 8.x - 11.x


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Product Description

Features application

  • Unlimited category radio
  • Unlimited radio station
  • Own full php backend
  • Push notification module
  • Push notification OneSignal
  • Popular stations module
  • Favorite station
  • News module
  • Share module (news and station)
  • Podcast module
  • Ability to download podcasts and listen offline
  • Background play radio
  • Background play and remote control podcast ( online , offline)
  • Support Shoutcast and Icecast
  • Support MP3 , AAC | AAC+ stream
  • In-app purchase ( remove ad and access to timeline)
  • Search track radio in Apple music
  • Search information track radio in Apple music (cover track)
  • Flat design
  • Support Xcode 9.x and higher, Swift 3.x
  • Support ios 9.x – 11.x

Features backend

  • Add , edit, delete category radio station
  • Add , edit , delete radio station
  • Control and delete Apple music found information
  • Add , edit, delete radio news
  • Add, delete podcast track
  • Xss protection
  • Json POST | GET protection
  • Users role (admin, editor, demo)

Technical requirements

  • PHP min 5.6-7.0
  • MySQL min 5.5
  • Shared hosting (We did not check the script’s performance on the VPS and VDS hosting)


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