Clubbix — spotify clone for iOS

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Clone Spotify, Apple music, Google music

Own php backend include

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User features

Listen radio streaming ( like as Spotify , Apple Music)
Full localised music app ( English, Spanish, France, Russian , and more)
Like track
Create playlist
Add track on playlist
Private and public playlist
Search style, album, artist, track name
Counter plays tracks
Search user
Follow users
Top tracks
Background play
Background remote control
Lockscreen info (artist, track, cover)
Download track and listen offline
Search covers artist, track using by Apple music api
Share cover track and track name in Fb, Tw and more social network
User profile
8 band equalizer
Subscription in the app ( more playlist, offline access, remove ads)

Admin features

Upload track (mass upload)
Publication of the track in one click
Pre listen track
Edit track, album, style , artist
Delete track, album, style , artist
Add track, album, style , artist
Push notification
Facebook login

Application features

Own php backend
Google ad
Easy customization
Detailed instruction include
Xss protection
Json POST | GET protection
Users role (admin, editor, demo)
Automatic detection of available the Internet
Flat design, like as Apple Music iOS10

Technical requirements

PHP = 5.6 – 7.0
Apache server
GD library
Preinstalled Cocoapods


Xcode 8.3
iOS 8.x – 10.x
Swift 3

  • Alex

    Super app! Thanks.

  • Louret

    You will help me with setting up the application. I have little programming experience

    • Appteve Dev (проверенный владелец)

      Yes, write to support

  • Simon

    Thank you for the quality work

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