We are creative

Mobile Development Group

We have everything in order to make excellent applications

About us

Appteve is a progressive group of mobile application development. We are passionate. We are selective. We are movable. We try to make quality and interesting products. Some sell hiss, we sell skilfully cooked steak. We are building serious applications for serious companies and entrepreneurs. Applications that we do are required to generate revenue and receive recognition in the App Store.

Aspiration for vision

Appteve exists because we want to believe in the work that we do. Thus, we fully dedicate ourselves to the vision of each project, and we will always challenge and push your idea as far as we can.

Passion for mobile gadgets

We live and breathe application development and we do it very well. We are focused on developing multimedia and business applications, but we can easily consider any of your crazy ideas.

Doing the right thing

We write our own code. We do not like ready-made solutions from the «box» and use them in extremely rare cases. We take the difficult path, and avoid labels. We are doing the right way.


We push ourselves, our customers, and our code to finish on time and within budget. We also know that launching requires flexibility. Our model is designed to give this process both rigor and fluidity.